Mechanism of formation potential weed-infestation of soil of sunflower agrocenosis

A. I. Babenko


Potential weed-infestation of arable land is a source of actual weed
infestation of crops, including sunflower seeds. We have established the influence of
the methods and depth of the primary tillage of the soil on the potential and actual
infestation of sunflower crops.Established that the plowing forms a homogeneous layer
distribution in it for weed seeds. Prolonged chisel plowing leads to the formation of a
heterogeneous layer with a predominant placement of weed seeds in the upper layer.
Such placement of seeds leads to an increase in the actual weed-infestation of
sunflower in 1,2-1,4 times.Chisel plowing and superficial disking concentrates the
seeds of weeds in the upper layer contributes to its massive germination in the
preseeding period.These weeds are destroyed by the following treatments. However,
in the autumn after predecessor harvesting, the weed seeds have a better germination
with the increase in the depth of its placement.Conversely, samples of seeds from the
upper layer (0-10 cm), selected before sowing the sunflower has better germination.
And it is the actual source of weed-infested fields. This reduces yield by 0.3 t/ha.

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sunflower, soil tillage, potential and actual weed-infested, productivity of culture

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