Soybean productivity depending on predecessors in the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine

V. V. Sinchenko, S. P. Tanchyk


Soy - culture of the XXI century. In world resources of vegetable protein, soy is more than 20 %. Our research is aimed at the establishment and development of economically and energy-efficient, appropriate natural resources of the yield of soybean grain, depending on predecessors in the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine. Calculations of the balance of available moisture in the soil showed that it is negative and is from 640 to 1200 t/ha or 64-120 mm. The accumulation and effective use of the available moisture in the soil is influenced by the amount of precipitation and the frequency of their fallout, the alternation of crops in the crop rotation (predecessors), the system of cultivating soil and fertilizer. The largest moisture reserves in the soil were after winter wheat and spring barley. The smallest - after corn for grain. During the autumn-winter period, the reserves of available moisture in the meter layer of soil were replenished twice, but the laws, depending on predecessors, remained. The critical period of soy to moisture occurs during flowering. Research has established that most effectively soybeans use moisture after winter wheat and most wasteful - after corn and sunflower. Winter wheat and spring barley have a positive effect on the accumulation and preservation of moisture in the soil. Corn for grain and sunflower deteriorate the water properties of the soil and the reserves of available moisture after them to 20 % less. The highest, on average, over three years, soy yield was obtained after winter wheat and was 3.5 t/ha, and the smallest - after corn for grain (2.8 t/ha, which is 0.7 t/ha lower control).

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soybean, predecessors, available moisture content, productivity

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