Experience in using mathcad to analyze data from UAVS for remote sensing of crops

N. A. Pasichnyk, O. O. Opryshko, D. S. Komarchuk, V. O. Miroshnyk


Illuminated results of experimental shooting of plantings of plants using UAV, with further calculation of graphic data in the software environment MathCAD .The analysis of the use of different channels of shooting, also the decision about the filtering of received images from third-party objects, especially the ground, is presented.  Such results are obtained: mathematical software MathCAD can be used effectively for the analysis of graphic data obtained during monitoring of UAV plantations. When organizing an image from third parties, especially the soil, it is expedient to use the data on all measuring channels at the same time. The green channel is sufficiently informative to recognize areas that do not correspond to plants.

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remote monitoring, UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles, vegetation cover, spectral shooting, MathCAD software, filtering of images

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