Aggregate stability and size distribution in Ukrainian and Chinese mollisols under different tillage

Y. S. Kravchenko


A study was attempted to interpret the effects of land use on soil aggregates distribution on Ukrainian and Chinese Mollisols. A great attention was devoted to the studying conservational tillage. These researches were fulfilled on experimental stations located in the Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine (Velykosnyatynsky town, Kyiv region) and in the Heilongjiang Province of China (Hailun city, North-East China). The results have showed that no-till and minimum tillage increased amount of agronomical valuable 10-0.25 mm air-dry aggregates, favored generating of water stable aggregates above 0.5 mm in diameter, formed higher values of the mean weight (MWD) and the geometric mean (GMD) diameters and lower fractal dimensions ((3-y/x (Df)).  

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