Biological peculiarities of growth and development of meadow grasses depending on the species and varietal differences and their suitability for organization of hay conveyors in drained peatlands of forest-steppe

V. M. Shtakal


The actuality of these investigations lies in the necessity of finding high-yielding varieties and species suitable for the organization of the hay conveyor on drained peatlands on their use. The aim of the research is investigation of growth, development and productivity features of new grass varieties suitable for developing on their basis mixed grass crops and variety mixes of different ripening time.  In researching, were used field and laboratory research methods. The study was conducted in the period 2014-2016 in plot 3 of the drained peat soils of the floodplain of the Supoy river of Panfilska Experimental Station of NSC "Institute of Agriculture NAAS".

On the biological peculiarities of growth and development of meadow grasses the optimal time of mowing of early-ripening type of grass canopy that provides high yield and quality of forage is the third decade of May; of the middle ripening grass canopy is the end of the third decade of May - beginning of the first decade of June and of the late ripening – the first decade – beginning of second decade of June.

Was determined the adaptation and productivity of new varieties of grasses; their characteristics of the leaf surface formation, photosynthetic potential and net productivity of photosynthesis and suitability for developing of different ripening types of mixed grass crops on organogenic soils of Forest-Steppe.

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mixed grass crops, grass crops variety mixes, drained organogenic soils, hay conveyors, leaf surface, photosynthetic potential, net productivity of photosynthesis

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