Yielding capacity of seed of chicory common and its losses depending on agrotechnological measures

V. P. Mykolajko


The article shows the researches results of yield of Chicory Root seeds, its losses from fall off according to different agro technological techniques and the analysis of seeds’ quality from harvested seed and fell off seed. During the maturation of seeds and cutting of seeds there was almost no falling of seeds. It was falling during cutting of seed. Depending on the irrigation there was no significant difference of seed’s losing. In variants where pinching was made, losing of seed falling were significantly lower, than in control  without it, regardless of  schemes of planting root crops with the drip irrigation and without it. By increasing the density of seed, the reduction loss of seed falling was marked. Condensed planting and pinching helped reduce the period of seed maturation phase. Reducing the loss of seeds has contributed to increase its biological yield. The biological yield of seeds depended not only on the amount of losses during its gathering, but primarily on the feeding area (planting schemes), use of the method of regulation plant growth and development (pinching) and the conditions for seed moisture. A drip irrigation of seed provided the most significant influence on increasing biological yields.

Analysis of seed quality harvested from seed and fell off seed showed, that energy of its germination and similarities were almost identical. There was no significant difference in energy of germination and similarities of seeds gathered from plants and from fell off seed in both schemes of planting root crops in control - without irrigation, as well as in drip irrigation. Only using of pinching provided a significant increase of quality indicators for both planting schemes regardless of the irrigation.

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biological yield, Chicory Root, seeds’ fall off, planting scheme, pinching, seed quality

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