The essential condition of the seminal productivity of paternal forms of corn is optimal terms of sowing

V. V. Bahatchenko, V. L. Zhemoyda, O. Makarchuk


We study the optimal planting dates parental forms of hybrids of corn that affect their seed productivity. The problems of optimum sowing time parental forms, as self-pollinating lines and simple interline hybrids of corn hybridization in areas that affect their seed productivity. It is noted that the formation of crop influence and morphological characteristics of parental forms and weather conditions, that develop during the growing season.

Found, that the optimal planting dates that promote good pylkoutvoryuvalniy capacity, high pollen viability, and as a result good ozernenosti starts, exit certified seed formation and high yield crop is the first period, ie 25 April.

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Corn sowing, parental forms, lines, hybrids, cross

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State Register of plant varieties dowry for dissemination in Ukraine (2015-2016 years.)

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