The dependence of fertilizers aftereffect on the on the yield of spring barley from weather conditions in the right bank forest-steppe

L. A. Yashchenko, S. A. Хarus


Performance crops along with the fertilization, largely driven by climatic conditions. Therefore, the study of the influence of these factors  is a key issue today. Of particular value are the results obtained in the long-term stationary experiments. In the article the coefficients of interrelation weather conditions and productivity of spring barley was determined. The dependence of the yield of barley from aftereffect backgrounds of nutrition and weather conditions during the growing period was studied. This research was conducted during the years, which had the different magnitude of the hydrothermal coefficient, that making it possible to evaluate the impact of temperature and humidification on productivity. The aftereffect of fertilizers in crop rotation was estimated by the  magnitude of barley harvest. The most significant yield was obtained in variant with the saturation of 358 kg/ha NPK in the crop rotation. In 2014 the difference of grain yield in variants with aftereffect of the fertilizers and control was lower compared to other years. This may be due to favorable moisture conditions this year and more even development of the plants. Was established that the rainfall had the most significant effect on the yield of barley: the pair correlation parameter R2 = 0,99. The temperature during of barley growing season had an inverse relationship: in 2015 (ΔT + 0,20C, ΔW -104mm)  was obtained the lowest yield of barley by all period of researches.

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barley yields, weather, background aftereffect fertilization, correlation

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