Dynamics of calcium carbanates and soil acidity as effected by different tillage and fertilizers

K. S. Karabach


The paper was dedicated to the influence of different technologies of crops and fertilization on the soil reaction (pHKCl) and depth of carbonates in typical chernozem. It is established, that the using of V-Blade tillage reduce acidity caused soil solution and intensively raising carbonates during the growing season, as compared to plowing. The fertilizer application is increased a soil acidification and reducing line reaction of carbonates, particularly for the use of green manure and straw on a background of mineral fertilizers, where they fell to 80-95 cm by V-Blade tillage. On the stationary plots without boiling carbonate fertilizer line is closest to the surface of shallow cultivation. In virgin lands carbonates are situated more deeply, than in stationary plots without fertilizers and their seasonal dynamics had the same pattern as the culture agrocenosis.

Ключові слова

carbonates, resource-saving technologies, the soil reaction, chernozem typical

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