Potassium nutrition of maize for various systems of fertilizers application

N. A. Pasichnyk, A. Stepanko


The results of agrochemical studies of the potassium regime effect of soil on corn productivity. Mode indicators analyzed potassium carbonate chernozem meadow soil potassium content in maize plants, the effect of potassium nutrition on yield and quality of crops. Field research conducted on stationary meadow chernozem soil carbonate Right-Bank Forest-Steppe Ukraine. Soil research areas have low natural potassium, which allows to distinguish the effects of various doses of potassium fertilizers. The analysis of the data content of potassium in the soil and plants in different phases of plant development and conclusions on the effectiveness of potassium. Long-term fixed their own research and other researchers have shown that, regardless of sort types, corn positively responds to the complex fertilizer and increasing the rate of fertilizer. Proved, that the use of fertilizers in normal N135R135K202 is an effective factor in optimizing potassium nutrition of maize plants, improving yield and grain quality, improve soil potassium fund.

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maize, yield, quality of the crop, potassium nutrition, fertilizer

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