Dynamics of linear growth and growth of green weight of top white sweet clover in a single-crop and compatible sowings with annual cereal crops

G. I. Demydas, M. V. Zahliebaiyev


The urgency of the studies is the need to search for high-yield cereals suitable for growing in compatible crops with white sweet clover and determining the most optimal norms of mineral fertilizers. The aim of the research was to study the dynamics of linear growth of white sweet clover and cereal crops during compatible cultivation depending on the type of grass mixture and fertilizer. During the research was used the field method. Research was conducted during the years 2015-2017 in the research laboratory of Feed processing, reclamation and meteorology at the separate unit of National University of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine "Agronomic Research Station". It was established that the height of the plants increased, in accordance with the increase in fertilizer rates and in all variants of the research was the highest with the maximum level of fertilizer. On average, over the years of research and periods of growth and development the altitude changed: 7-14 % white sweet clover, 5-15 corn, 5-12 millet, 8-17 sudan grass and 8-13 % sorghum. At the period of the mow, the highest height indicators was recognized for compatible cultivation white sweet clover with corn97 and 130 cm and Sudan grass98 and 108 cm, with the norm of mineral fertilizer N60P90K90.

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compatible crops, height, white sweet clover, corn, millet, sudan grass, sorghum, fertilization

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