Зміни земельного покриву в дельті річки Єшіль-ірмак

В. М. Стародубцев, Л. М. Рудченко




V. M. Starodubtsev, L. M. Rudchenko 

Land cover changes in the Yesil-irmak river delta on the southern coast of the Black Sea under the impact of flow regulation with reservoirs and economic activities are considered. The analysis of the Landsat satellite images for the period 1975-2015 made it possible to reveal a significant drying out of the delta and a decrease of waterlogged lands in the area by 15 thousand hectares. Also, the manifestations of the processes of bank erosion and sediment accumulation on the delta coast were noted.

Keywords: land cover, delta, satellite, drying, erosion

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