Эффективность агроландшафта под влиянием адаптивной системы земледелия

А. А. Цюк, В. Кирилюк, Л. П. Ющенко



A. Tsyuk, V. Kirilyuk, L. Yushchenko


The article presents the results of the research of technical, economic, and cost-effectiveness of the three agricultural systems: industrial (control), ecological and biological in stationary experience.

The multiple-factor experiment on a Typical medium loam Chernozem was initiated in 2001 ina central part of Kyiv region. This research was conducted during 2002-2017. A crop rotation was made up of ten fields. The different farming and tillage, their relationships effect on the Typical Chernozem properties was studied in this experiment. The used fertilization rates and plant protection treatments were: manure 12 t ha-1 + N92P100K108 (300 kg ha-1), industrial pesticides – under industrial system of farming; manure 18 t ha-1 + N46P49K55 (150 kg ha-1), both industrial pesticides and biology control – under ecological system of farming; manure 17 t ha-1,only tillage and biology plant protection control - under biology system of farming.

Research has established optimization of soil ecological environment in the fields under the influence of ecological and biological agriculture. Technological risk with their introduction is to decrease the available forms of mineral nutrients in the soil and plant weediness fields increase. Perspectives biological agriculture limited by the availability of effective biological control agents of pest organisms in the fields, particularly weeds.

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