Удосконалення організаційно-методичних засад моніторингу мисливської фауни польових угідь

В. П. Новицький, А. А. Міняйло, К. В. Маєвський



V. Novytskyi, A. Minyaylo, K. Maievskyi


Abstract. The existing instruments are analysed and additional instruments of pointed improvement of organizational and methodical bases of monitoring of hunting fauna in field grounds of Ukraine are developed.

The landscape specifics of field grounds and specific features of local fauna create the favourable conditions for the continuous scientific and technical progress in improvement of ways and means of its account. In this context of one of the most unresolved problems it is necessary to consider lack of efficient resource-saving techniques of background species monitoring of waterfowl on the shallow reservoirs concentrated among arable lands which are usually recreationally poorly mastered and surrounded with the closed coastline that makes impossible or significantly complicates use of the standard methods of account here. Therefore, we have to develop resource-saving way of accounting of waterfowl game on reservoirs with the closed coastline doing aerovideo filming of wetlands from motor drive unmanned aerial vehicle.

The objective was reached by the fact that instead of visual fixing in real time the group of accountants of waterfowl game on a method "on separate reservoirs", carried out by aerovideo filming of open reaches of wetlands at evening and morning dawns with motor drive unmanned aerial vehicle operated by the operator. According to invention the materials of aerovideo filming were processed with use of freeze frame technology, identification and visual fixing of number of waterfowl game was carried out by the expert on the monitor in cameral conditions on completion of field works. Further calculations and extrapolation of data were carried out according to a standard study guide on accounting of number of birds "on separate reservoirs".

Thus, the improvement of organizational and methodical bases of monitoring of hunting fauna in field grounds of Ukraine has to be based on approbation and widespread introduction of the modern resource-saving methods of calculation of wild animals and creation of additional instruments of the state control of effectiveness of performance by users of all complex of registration works now.

Keywords: monitoring of fauna, condition of populations, hunting landss, agrolandscapes of Ukraine


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