Вплив препарату aminobrix на накопичення сухих речовин у плодах яблуні

Д. О. Кисельов, І. В. Гриник



D. O. Kiselev, I. V. Hrynyk


Growing fruit production in the open air in full depends on weather and climatic conditions of the growing season, which, in turn, has a direct impact on qualitative and quantitative indices of the crop. Dynamic changes in the climate cause reversible frostbite and hailstones. Low temperatures in the spring affect the flowers and ovary, which in turn negatively affects the quality of the final product.

Apple tree is the main fruitful culture of Ukraine. To obtain sustainable high quality crops of this crop, the use of non-root nutrition is a prerequisite. To form a qualitative harvest in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics and to reduce the negative impact of environmental factors, plant anti-stress must be used, such as film formers, amino acids, and the like.

To date, the question of the use of amino acids in plant growing is partly studied, but not fully understood are the molecular mechanisms of action in the post-root introduction of amino acids of different genesis. Studies on the effect of amino acids and peptides of different origins on the apple was found in the embryonic state, and published works only partially characterize the effects of their non-root application. There is evidence that amino acids are powerful biostimulants for growth and development of plants, which allow obtaining high yields of the plant and improving the resistance of plants to abiotic factors. Some researchers point to an increase in the size of the fruit, a decrease in the level of overspreads and an increase in the content of calcium in apple fruit, which positively manifests itself during storage.

That is why the purpose of the research was to study the effect of AminoBrix on the formation of qualitative and quantitative attributes of apple fruit, namely, the accumulation of dry and pectin substances in fruits. This is some of indicators, that determine the suitability of the fruits for further low-waste processing.

The research conducted during 2016-2017 in the industrial plantings of LLC TB SAD, which are located at the Gorodok district of the Lviv region. Experimental areas of landing in 2011, according to the scheme 2Х4м, the shape of the crown - the slender spindle, the root of the MM106, the system of soil retention - natural retention. The studied varieties - Florina, Topaz, Remo. The analysis of biochemical parameters carried out in accordance with standard methods.

Foliar fertilizer with AminoBrix carried out at a concentration of 1% to 2% for 4 weeks before harvesting. The drug AminoBrix is a complex preparation containing a complex of amino acids and peptides, which have a positive effect on the content of dry matter. In each of the experimental variants, used 30 trees of each grade. Performed wood treated with water as control. The fruits collected for further research during technical maturity.

Result of laboratory studies, a positive dynamics of accumulation of dry matter in fruit of apple varieties was established. When treated with 1% AminoBrix solution, the dry matter content increased by 0.4, 0.96 and 1.12%, respectively, for Florin, Topaz and Remo, while processing with 2% solution increased by 0.48, 0.98 and 1.17 % respectively for Florin, Topaz and Remo varieties.

The most sensitive to the introduction of the AminoBrix drug was the Remo variety, which increased dry matter content by 1.12% and 1.17% compared to the control.

Based on the results of the research, it can be conclude that it is inappropriate to use a 2% solution of the drug, due to an increase in the cost of production with a slight increase in the content of dry matter.

It should be not that with a dynamic increase in the content of dry matter, the total content of pectin substances remained at the same level for all studied varieties in comparison with the control. Namely for the Topaz 1.07 variety, for the Flora 0.875 variety and for the Repo variety 1,095, however, the pectin fractions substances, namely, increased content of hydratopectin and was 0.18 (+ 11%) for Topaz, for Florina 0.23 (+ 9%), for the Repo grade 0.14 (+ 5%). Did not observe significant differences between the treatment options with 1 and 2% solution of AminoBrix.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that the positive dynamics of the increase of the dry matter content in the winter apple cultivars is achieved by AminoBrix treatment, which positively affects the suitability of the raw materials for further complex processing and the production of juices from direct spinning and by-product pectin. For production, it is possible to recommend a one-time treatment with a 1% solution of the preparation for 4 weeks before harvesting to improve the quality of the fruits.

Further research should be directs to the development of integrated plant nutrition systems for apple, to produce fruits with a maximum content of dry and pectin substances.

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