Metabolic processes in the leaves of the genus tilia l. Plants as a marker of adaptation to climatic conditions of steppe dnieper


Yu. V. Lykholat, N. O. Khromykh, A. A. Alexeyeva, R. Ye. Yefanov, I.P. Grigoryuk


The high sensitivity of metabolic processes in the leaves of genus Tilia different species to the changing climatic conditions of the Steppe Dnieper was established. In T. platyphyllos and T. tomentosa, the catalase activity was higher in the light-adapted leaves compared to the shaded ones. In the shaded leaves of T. cordata and T. amurensis, catalase activity significantly exceeded the levels for the lighted leaves. Activity of benzidine peroxidase and guaiacol peroxidase was lower in the sun-adapted leaves of most species. However, in the intense illumination, activation of guaiacol peroxidase was observed in the leaves of T. platyphyllos, and in leaves of T. begoniifolia — activation of benzidine peroxidase. The results obtained suggest that, while maintaining trends in climate change, the environmental conditions of Tilia L. species in the steppe zone will be more favorable than negative.

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