Evaluation of the quality composition of microbial complexes of chernozem calcinated natural reserve "Khomutovskaya Steppe"

N. V. Patyka, O. L. Tonkha, V. N. Sinchenko, Т. І. Patyka


A theoretical generalization and a new solution of the fundamental problem of biodiversity conservation, microbial pool, organic matter and fertility restoration of chernozem are presented based on the study of the species structure of the virgin chernozem microbial complex, biomass and species composition of microbial cenoses, ecological-trophic groups of microorganisms, indicators of the humus state of black soil. Plowing virgin black soil almost 2 times impoverishes the genetic resources of soil microflora and radically changes their qualitative composition. The mowing of virgin vegetation leads to a decrease in the biogenicity index of 1.1–1.4 times in the top soil layer, the number of heterotrophs per MPA by 25.5–41.5 %, and the microbial transformation index of the soil organic matter to 1.5–1.8 times , pedotrophic microorganisms — 1.7 times and an increase in humate-decomposing microorganisms up to 4 times when compared with absolute virgin.

Keywords: biogenicity, chernozem, microbial diversity.

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