Heavy metals in soil: mobility as a criterion of environmental hazard

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31548/biologiya2019.02.044

N. Makarenko, V. Makarenko


The article presents results of researchthe relationship between mobility of heavy metals and soil parameters for the subsequent forecast their environmental hazard.For the characteristics of mobile formsofheavymetalsinthesoilusedcomplexextractantstransportationgrossstockofheavy metals in soils were taken away by a mixture of H2SO4+HF, potentially mobile form -1, 0 N HCL, mobile- 0,1N HCL. Examinedthesoil, characteristicforzonesofPolissya, Forest-steppeandSteppeUkraine.

Itwasfoundthatonthebackgroundofincreasingthecontentofgrossformsofheavymetalsfrompodzolsoilstochernozemsmollic, theircontentsinmobileformsinthefuture. Theshareofmobileformsofmetals (m+ n) inthepodzolsoilranged 29.0-62.5 %, chernozemsmollic – 2.8-21.9 %.

Selected characteristics of the soil, the mobility of heavy metals contents of clay minerals (the < 0.001 mm), thecontentoforganicmatterinthesoil, soilpH.Dose inverse correlation was observed between the contents of clay minerals and the contents of mobile forms of heavy metals in the soil, r ranged from (-) 0.643 (-) 0.962.

It was shown that the actual danger of heavy metals you need to evaluate the contents of mobile forms, extract with 0.1 N acids, the potential is 1.0 N acids. Prediction of danger of heavy metals must take into account the parameters of soils: physical clay, organic matter and Ph.

Keywords: heavy metals, soil, mobility, environmental safety.

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