Yu. Verves, L. Khrokalo


A total list of 22 Calliphoridae species from Borzhava locality is given. One species (Stomorhina lunata) is firstly recorded for Zakarpattia region, and 8 species (Calliphora vicina, C. uralensis, Lucilia bufonivora, Phormia regina, Protophormia terraenovae, Pollenia angustigena, P. vagabunda, S. lunata) are firstly registered in Borzhava locality. As referred literature data and original faunistic research, only 35 species of Calliphoridae are reported for Ukrainian Zakarpattia. This quantity is not less than 60-70 % of full regional species list. So, faunistic data on Transcarpathian calliporids need for futher investigation.

Keywords: flies, Calliphoridae, fauna, Zakarpattia, Borzhava

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