I. Antipov, K. Hrynchuk, О. Duplyak


The plants with symptoms of the bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) in educational and research farm «Agronomic Research Station» of the National university of life and environmental research of Ukraine has been selected and used as positive control for approbation PCR test-systems. Primers design for identification of coat protein of BCMV have been made. Primers were synthesized: Forward 5'-ttcggacgtcgtgagtgtta-3', Reverse 5'- cccgagtccacattaattcc-3' with product amplification 381 b.p. Laboratory research of created PCR diagnostic system has been carried out and the conditions of amplification reaction have been optimized. The recommended concentration of magnesium ions Mg2+ in the reaction mixture is 1,8 mM and primers annealing in the range 54-62° C does not affect of amplification products.

Key wors: identification, polymerase chain reaction, bean common mosaic virus.

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