L. Khrokalo, V. Kucherenko


The review of technologies of utilization of dangerous for environment poultry factories wastes such as poultry excrements is presented: composting, using as a forage addition for cattle, making solid fuel pellets, and anaerobic digestion with followed biogas utilization. The experimental results of poultry excrements methane digestion in the laboratory methanetank under the modified mesophilous temperature regime and substrate composition are presented. The important condition of successful loading of methane digestion is keeping balance Carbon:Nitrogen as 20:1. Increasing of gross biogas emission on 11,6% and enhanced methane production on 15,4% are registered as result of cattle excrements addition to digested substrate in amount of 15% and conducting of preliminary phase of digestion under temperature of 40°C. Recommendation for Agroindustrial manufacturing to anaerobic digestion of poultry droppings are proposed on a base of literature analysis and results of original experiment.


Keywords: biogas, poultry droppings, mesophilous digestion regime, hydrolytic phase, production of methane, balance of Carbon:Nitrogen.

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