Гематологічний профіль крові щурів за умов оксидаційного стресу та за дії ліпосомального препарату

М. I. ХАРІВ, Б. В. Гутий, І. І. ХАРІВ




M. Hariv, B.Gutyj, I.Hariv


Abstract. The article deals with the results of search due to the influenceof developed complex liposomal drug on the indices of hematological parameters of rats blood under conditions of simulated oxidative stress caused by the use of carbon tetrachloride.It is proved that intramuscular injection to rats from the experimental group 50% of oil solution of tetrachloromethane at a dose of 0.25ml per 100g of body weight, causes theantigenic load on the organism and leads to a violation of physiological level of hematological parameters of experimental animals organism. Whatdoesthe number reduce of red blood cells, hemoglobin, hemoglobin concentration inerythrocytes, increasing the number of white blood cells, hemoglobin mass in erythrocytes, increased color of index and change of leucogram.To normalize the body hematological parameters of rats by the development of oxidative process it is advisable to apply the liposomal drug which in its structure contains butafosfan, interferon, milk thistle and vitamins. When using the liposomal drug to rats, under conditions of oxidative stress, it comesthe normalization of hematological indices in blood, that is on the 14th day within physiological magnitude there were indicators of the number oferythrocyte, content of hemoglobin, the number of leukocytes, red blood indices and leucogram compared to controls, indicating the recovery of hematopoietic function of marrow.

Keywords: rats, blood, leucogram, carbon tetrachloride, liver, butafosfan, interferon, milk thistle, vitamins.

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