Поширеність і шкідливість кореневих гнилей ріпаку ярого в Київській і Хмельницькій областях

Т. І. БОНДАР, М. М. Кирик




T. Bondar, M. Kyryk


Abstract. Among the diseases of root rot at spring rape in Ukraine only blackleg is described till now. Determining of distribution, development and harmfulness of complex disease namely root rot in spring rape crops was not carried out. The aim of our research was to study the distribution, development and harmfulness of root rot in crops during the vegetation of rape in Kyiv and Khmelnitsky region conditions. We performed survey with generally accepted methods of accounting disease namely six-point scale by Bondar T., Kyryk M. (2016), harmful of root rot was measured with correlation and regression analysis. It was determined that under Kyiv and Khmelnitsky region maximum spread of the disease reached 35.3%, and its development reached 20.6%. Its harmfulness shows when the plants were infected at early stages of development (the second pair of true leaves) as a lower weight of seeds per plant. It is also determined that the spread of the disease decrease the harvest (high density of correlation connection (r=0,65) and the development of root rot (r=0,63). So, the harvest loss depending on spreading of the disease in the second pair of true leaves can be calculated as regression equation: y=–0,6126x+14,371, and the harvest loss depending on development of the disease by the equation: y=–0,5519x+18,472.

Keywords: spring rape, root rot, distribution and development of root rot, harmfulness of root rot, rape root disease.

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