Геохімія важких металів у грунтових відкладеннях зони впливу підприємств кольорової металургї

О. В. Яковенко



A. V. Yakovenko


Studying of the total maintenance and forms of heavy metals in soils is the

actual task. It is important as soils as national property play extremely important role in the future development ofUkraine.

Objects of research had been selected soils in an influence zone The nonferrous

metallurgy enterprises (factory "UkrZinc", Konstantinovka Donetsk area). Also for an estimation of degree of pollution and comparison of negative influence of the enterprise reserve soils «Homutovsky step» have been investigated.

In a zone of researches soil adjournment are presented by chornozem with the average maintenance of organic.

As a result of researches it is defined that physical and chemical characteristics

of soils of a zone of influence of industrial complex and background territories cardinally differ. So, the sum absorbed cations ΣΕ it is considerable above in reserve soils. In the polluted soils the maintenance of Corg and Ca+ above in 10 and 4 times accordingly.

By means of a method of phasic extracts forms of a finding of heavy metals

in soils of the mentioned territories are defined.

It is established that the maintenance of the mobile form of Cadmium makes

16 %, Zinc - 16,1 %, Copper - 14 %. It specifies in the raised migratory ability of these elements. The maintenance of mobile forms in the polluted soils considerably above than in conditionally pure.

As a result of geochemical studying of territory the total maintenance of

heavy metals in soils is defined, danger and concentration factors, an indicator of total pollution of territory are calculated. The average maintenance of heavy metals in a zone of influence of industrial complex exceeds background value and maximum permissible concentration in thousand times.

On concentration factor it is allocated geochemical association:
Cd (1,7•104)>> Pb (203)> Zn (53)> Mn.

On a total indicator of pollution ZC the territory of researches is defined by a

zone of ecological accident.

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