Математичне моделювання електролітного балансу в консервованій крові тварин за зберігання

Н. В. Арнаута, О. В. Арнаута



N. V. Arnauta, O. V. Arnauta


In this work the problem of construction of mathematical model of electrolytic balance in tinned blood on the basis of results of experimental work is considered. For researches took samples of blood of young growth of a big cattle age of 10-12 months. Samples of blood preserved «Glyugitsir» haemopreservative glucose-citrate solution which is intended for conservation of donor blood. Maintenance of a steady gradient of electrolytes concentrate on between plasma and uniform elements is an important biochemical indicator which displays a condition of safety of tinned blood. In tinned blood at storage there is a malfunction of electrolytes transport systems through a membrane in a consequence of deficiency of ensuring energy needs. Therefore, the research of electrolytic balance, their functional state is a necessary condition for determination of the validity to use of the kept blood. The mathematical model of any process, including biochemical, allows to obtain the necessary information without carrying out the large experiment which is often caused by complexity of a technique and high cost of pilot studies. For construction of this mathematical model the systems of correlation communication were used, namely: construction of the regression equation on the basis of which it is carried out the analysis of the received results.

In depend on a communication form between factorial and productive sign choose type of the mathematical equation. Analyzing data of an experiment, we choose a rectilinear form of communication which is defined the straight line equation:


Where:        y – meaning of productive sign,

x – meaning of factorial sign, a and

b – required parameters.

Parameters a and b of the regression equation would calculate in the way of the smallest squares. An essence of this way in finding of such parameters of the communication equation at which the residual sum of squares of deviations of the productive sign actual values (y) from theoretical (calculated on the communication equation) values (yx) will be minimum:


The way of the smallest squares comes down to addition and the solution of two equations system of communication with two unknowns:


where: n - number of observations.

The solution of system (1) has an appearance:


The half-scientific equations describe the nature of communication between signs are called the regression equations. The regression equations use for forecasting of the expected levels of productive signs at the established values of factorial signs.

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