V. M. Chayka, I. G. Rubezhniak, O. І. Petryk


The present studies were conducted in 2013 in three apple orchards differing from each other by the age, the apple varieties and   system of chemical control of pests.  Their purpose was to monitor codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) in different types of apple orchards using pheromone traps, finding out the relation between the occurrence of moths and the sum of effective temperatures as well as determining the number of diapausing caterpillars of this species with the use of bands of corrugated paper. The analysis of male flight of codling moth on the basis of pheromone traps makes it possible to state the occurrence of three generations. Increase of average annual temperature is directly influence on generation number of codling moth in Ukraine.

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зміни клімату, яблунева плодожерка, чергування поколінь, яблуня

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