V. STADNYK, O. Chetveryk


In the article the current state of the production of ecologically clean products in Ukraine made an analysis of the major publications on the topic. It is established that the purpose of this research is a study based on the analysis of land resources in the process of their economic use of their key role in ensuring the safety of agrifood sector. The paper considers the extent of production and implementation of environmentally friendly products and the need for an increase in its volume. Highlight main directions of production organization on environmental principles, on the basis of planning of agricultural production on the ecological basis of including appropriate successive stages. Conditions the dynamics of indexes of production of ecologically clean products in Ukraine and on the example of agricultural enterprises. Based on the environmentally sound production of agricultural products defined formation and practical realization of the economic mechanism of stimulation of the production of environmentally friendly products.  The development of agricultural enterprises, based on the production and implementation of environmentally-friendly products can be achieved due to the vertical integration of the enterprises working in the market of environmentally friendly products and United in Ukrainian financial group with the active participation of Government support, increasing the competitiveness of the agricultural enterprises entering the international markets, enhance the economic potential of agriculture, the project development certification environmental products according to international standards.

Keywords: clean production, cleaner production, greening, organic agriculture

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