A. O. Grechukha


The problems and challenges of the dairy sector enterprises
can’t be solved without their deep study and understanding. The existing
market tools optimization, search for new markets, evaluation of problems and
trends – the comprehensive study of all these parts of the market mechanism
helps to understand the situation in whole.
The research paper is aimed at analyzing the dairy market enterprises
under the current economic conditions given the recent statistical information.
Comparison with figures of previous years is intended to show the dynamic
changes occurring in the industry. Dairy processing industry cannot function
without raw materials, which are not at the best condition at the moment.
Data on the export and import gives the opportunity to see the success
of the Ukrainian entrepreneurs at the international level. In particular, it clearly
shows the share of production, which goes to the EU markets. Under the
research results the current problems of the industry are covered, the
weaknesses in the distribution of export strategies are shown. The dairy
products’ import geography in Ukraine is covered.
Solution of the examined issues shall have a systematic character, as
mentioned in the research paper. A deeper attention to these issues will be
given in the subsequent studies.

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