Certain factors, methodical approaches and features of process of pricing of the agricultural products in modern terms are described in the article. Nature of forming of price that is related to existence of so-called differential land rent is marked. Problems and features that influence the process of pricing in agriculture are analysed. Among them: disparity of prices, decline of share of producer in the suggested retail price, features of structure of agricultural produce market, seasonal price-wave, influence of weather terms and others like that.

It is indicated that choice of channel and place of realization of products also influences the level and pattern of prices. Basic methodical approaches to forming of price on an agricultural produce in market conditions are brought, in particular, expense oriented, oriented to market demand and oriented to the competition. It is marked that more widespread is the combined approach that encompass determination of base price on the base of expense and adjusting it taking into account a market price that exists on the market at the time of realization of products.

It is indicated that the role of the price policy of agricultural enterprises, aimed at strengthening of their competitiveness and increase of efficiency of productive and commercial activity grows in modern terms. There is also a necessity of state support of agricultural enterprises that would provide maintenance of demand of the agricultural products by means of the price adjusting.

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