The condition for economic development of the enterprise is its activity in the market. Controlled variable marketing factors (tools) play a particular role in these processes that are used by enterprises to obtain the desired response from the target market. The rapid development of the market, increased attention to improving the quality of products, changes in prices and focus on consumers identify the need for conducting regular research of the marketing mix, its interaction with the environment as well as features of the use of the primary tools of the marketing mix in the enterprise.

The classic definition of the marketing mix «4Ps of Marketing»: product, price, place, promotion was proposed the famous marketer Jerome McCarthy became the most common and widely used in the marketing management.

Methods of comparison, generalization and analysis are widely used in the research to achieve a set goal. The essence of the main tools of the marketing mix is highlighted in the article moreover the primary attention was focused on the classical concept of the "4Ps".

 In the analysis of the main tools of the marketing mix of PAO «Zhytomyr Butter Plant,» it was found that the main elements of the marketing mix effectively interact among themselves as well as with the environment, in fact, it finds confirmation in:

–       the production of a wide range of products of high quality in accordance with ISO standards, «Organic Standard» and also with recognizable and bright packaging;

–       setting prices using the basic pricing strategies including the purchasing power of consumers;

–       the availability of indirect distribution channels that allow the company to rapidly distribute products on the market;

–       the active promotion of products through a system of elements of marketing communications.

Marketing mix developed for productive enterprises, processing sphere and trade sector is constantly transforming and evolving, adapting to different industries that are actively developing in modern conditions. So the question of analysis of the marketing mix and its elements by the example of specific companies requires further studies and research

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