The evaluation of the production efficiency of sugar beets and sugar in Ukraine for the period of 2001–2015 was made. The preconditions of negative changes in the sugar branch were studied. The output of sugar production in Ukraine depends on the gross harvest of sugar beets, their yielding capacity and the sown area under this crop. A polynomial model which describes the yielding capacity level of sugar beets in Ukraine in 1913–2015 has been worked out; the prediction of sugar beet yield for the year of 2017 has been made and its increase by 28% is expected.

The importance of marketing in enterprises of the agrarian sector and in the enterprises of the sugar industry are indicated. Diversification trends of the supply of sugar-mills which will favor the efficiency enhancement of sugar beet production have been explained. As the problem of supplying our country with power-carriers becomes urgent, it is expedient to speed up and diversify the manufacture of alternative fuel kinds, in particular, bio ethanol and biogas.

The ways of the efficiency enhancement of sugar beet production to ensure stable business development in the branch which requires active government support of producers have been identified. The research results can help solve practical problems of farm enterprises and in agrarian business in general.

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