The article deals with the current state of the food market, socioeconomic impact of its operations. Among the tasks of economic transformation in Ukraine market, further integration into the world economic system occupy prominent task of providing the population with food due mainly internal sources and gradually reduce dependence on foreign food producers, creating food security as an important component of national security.

Manufacturers are oriented to the needs and creditworthiness of customers. The collapse of the mechanism of distribution of food resources and the absence of the market system contributed to numerous intermediaries in the food market.  The practice of recent years clearly shows that the regulation of food market monetary and fiscal means at the macroeconomic level did not provide full-fledged operation of enterprises of the agricultural sector.

The feature of the organized agricultural market is that it is impossible to learn in a particular region. General principles and common approaches should be implemented into practice simultaneously in the domestic market and a clear regulatory and legal basis.

Solution of the examined issues shall have a systematic character, as mentioned in the research paper. A deeper attention to these issues will be given in the subsequent studies.

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