Динамика распыливания жидких и твердых частиц в газовую среду

Б .Х. Драганов



B. H. Draganov

The problems of emission of atoms from targets under the influence of ion bombardment continue to attract the attention of a large number of researchers. This is due both to interest in the process itself, and with a large number of known applied problems.

Both in theory and in the experimental study of sputtering, there is still a significant number of little-researched places, despite the great progress in understanding sputtering physics and the tremendous success in using this process in practice.

The aim of the research is to formulate and solve the problem of the dynamics of the flow of scattered particles into the environment.

The main successes of the theoretical description of sputtering are related to the study of the regime of linear cascades. The cascade method (the Laplace method) is a method of the theory of partial differential equations, which makes it possible to find the general solution of a linear equation with partial derivatives of hyperbolic type.

Cascade collision processes are usually called processes due to collisions of particles that occur in time, which initially did not participate in the cascade and are located in some way in space, for example, randomly uniformly with a certain density n (r). The beginning of the cascade can give one first collision, initiating subsequent ones, whose density may increase or decrease over time. A cascade is usually characterized by a distribution function. If the particles of one kind before the onset of the cascade are located uniformly and randomly and if the interaction of moving particles in the cascade can be neglected, then the distribution function is a solution of the linearized Boltzmann equation:

The application of the linearized equation is possible in cases where the cascades of moving particles are not too dense, and the distribution function is mainly formed due to the collision of particles involved in the cascade with particles that did not participate in the cascade before.

For cascades in bounded flat surfaces, the boundary conditions must be added.

The solution of this equation for a medium consisting of particles of one kind is analogous to the solution in the case of propagation of cascades in a multicomponent medium.

The analysis of the dynamics of a cylindrical atomized film in a gas medium is performed. The film of liquid flowing out of the nozzle of the centrifugal nozzle is approximately cylindrical in shape. Its decay usually occurs also near the nozzle, and for the theoretical study of decay it is expedient to set the problem of the stability of a cylindrical liquid film when it moves in a stationary gas medium.

The method of cascade processes allows us to determine with the greatest degree of accuracy the regularities of sputtering and their characteristics for liquid and solid particles.

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