Modernizm tradition in Alan Moore’s graphic novel “V – for Vendetta”

O V Chaikovska, L A Chuchno


The evolution of 21st century novel is regarded. The paper concentrates on fiction subjectivity reflection in Alan Moore’s graphic novel “V – for vendetta”. The graphic novel is considered to be the result of modern novel transformation. The article investigates this issue by examining the narrative techniques accompanied by graphic presentation.

According to the analysis of recent researchers and publications there is no universal definition of the graphic novel as a literary phenomenon. So the paper is an extension to examine the narrative strategies of “V – for vendetta” inherited in modernism novels.

The narrative inquiry and analysis were used in the study.

The impact of the modernism characteristics on the Alan Moore’s graphic novel “V – for vendetta” is shown. The study has confirmed the deepening of fiction subjectivity which is manifested in not distinct measure between reality and illusion as author’s interpretation of  the picture of  the world  through  masking,  disguising,  hallucinations and unconscious

© O. V. Chaikovska, L.A. Chuchno, 2016

thoughts. It has been found that “the plot of style” in Alan Moore’s “V – for vendetta”, presented by the intensity of visual perception, the speech peculiarities, specific characteristics of narrative organization, predominates. Extensive coverage is given to nonlinear, fragmentary, multileveled narration and closure as a fact of visual inter- textuality.

An attempt is made at identifying the modernism novel characteristics in Alan Moore’s graphic novel “V – for vendetta”.

The study enabled to identify the work that mixed features of literary narration and comics as an up-to-date novel. The material in this article can be used both in theoretical course of modern literary criticism and practical graphic novel workshop.

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