Estimation of recreational potential of forests SE "Koryukovka Forestry"

O. V. Tokareva, S. S. Rudenko


Conducted evaluation of recreational resources of forests SE "Koryukovka forestry." It was analyzed features forest stands biometric indicators that affect their aesthetic properties. Recreational indicators are established for forest enterprise in areas which are often visited by people.  Established aesthetic evaluation score, which is defined as the average by site index and age stands. A significant reduction in ball aesthetic evaluation is due to the predominance composed stand typical of the area tree species and the practical absence of rare and exotic wood species. A list of tree species to enrich the stand and undergrowth is proposed. The level of improvement public recreation places is analyzed. In the surveyed areas were identified forest furniture, a place to kindle fire, ecological and education trails that are in excellent condition. An improvement of places of historical and cultural significance, also regularly visited by the public is suggested. Based on the studies was determined the suitability of public recreation and intensive recreation areas. Analyzed the stability of plantations to recreational impacts and the secondary stage recreational digression forest stands. Discovered directions increase the recreational potential of forest enterprises.

Keywords: public recreation and intensive recreation areas, recreational indicators, recreational purposes forests, digression, aesthetic evaluation, pedestrian accessibility.

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