Черемський природний заповідник як ланка в ланцюгу самовідновлення біосфери

О. Гоцик


Abstract. The peculiarities of natural and climatic conditions, flora and fauna in the territory of  Cheremsky Nature Reserve, the degree of study of the biodiversity of this region have been analyzed.

Cheremsky Nature Reserve, created in order to preserve typical and unique natural complexes of Ukrainian Polissya, is located in the northern part of Manevitsky district of Volyn region on an area of 2,975.7 hectares. This is the first nature reserve in the Volyn region and one of the northernmost in Ukraine, which plays an important socio-economic and environmental role.

The reserve is a natural-territorial complex, where solid man-made forests with a unique eumezotrophic aspen - sphagnum bog Cheremske, have been preserved in anthropogenic activity in the limits of which there are lakes Cheremske and Redichi. Of the total area of the forests are 64.5%, swamps - 33.7%, trenches and quarter lines - 0.7%, lakes (Redichi and Cheremske) - 0.6%, roads - 0.4%, memorials - 0, 1%. In particular, the forests in Cheremsky PF are quite diverse: pine, fir, hornbeam-oak, alder, birch, oak-pine.

A number of scientific studies have been conducted on the territory of the reserve to assess the diversity of ecosystems. However, in the given region, bioproductivity studies of forests have not yet been conducted and at present, there is not enough information provision for Cheremsky Nature Reserve to obtain estimates of carbon streams in different components of forest plantations. The development of dynamics standards for the integrated assessment of components of phytomass of tree stands is an actual forest-tactics problem, the solution of which will contribute to the ecologically balanced forest management of the region of research.

The results of research on the biological productivity of the forests of the Cheremsky Nature Reserve can be a significant contribution to preserving the unique biodiversity of the region, solving environmental problems and solving the problems of regional biological programs.

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