Етапи містобудівельного розвитку міста київ та їх вплив на об’єкти історико-археологічної нерухомої спадщини

Н. Ружицька, І. Сидоренко


Abstract. At present, there is an urgent need for a conceptual review of the attitude towards the perspective development of the city and the definition of its urban planning policy for the future. Modern tendencies in urban planning are aimed at the priority preservation of valuable traditional characteristics of the city's historical environment, minimization of the negative influence of architectural and urban activity of recent years on the historical center and the development of a new policy aimed at preserving the role of cultural heritage in the structure of the capital. The objects of the historical heritage of the early and developed middle ages (V-XXI centuries) were formed in times characterized by changes both globally and in some cities of Ukraine. Transformation in the city of Kiev covers the political, economic and social spheres of public life that undeniably influenced the formation of the city's infrastructure. The article deals with the process of urban development of Kyiv, and its influence on the main objects of historical and archaeological immovable heritage of the historical part of the city is considered. The analysis of the specifics of the change of their territory in the context of urban restructuring is carried out taking into account the various stages of historical development. On the basis of the conducted analysis, conclusions on the relevance of preservation of the historical environment, at the current level of urban development, are outlined, and prospects for the improvement of historical territories are identified, which is one of the main elements of the overall strategy of the city’s economic development.

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