Postmodern world and morals: some thoughts on sex, polyandry, and polygyny


Т.V. Danylova, V.Y. Yudina


Postmodern worldview requires a change of focus on the place and role of the traditional social institutions and habitual behaviors within them. The attitude towards sex has changed massively over the last decades. Practices that were once considered wrong and absurd (such as premarital sex and same-sex conducts) are now considered by most people as normal and acceptable. However, what is the reason for changing attitudes towards intimate relationships and is it really a new experience for our society or have various types of marriages actually appeared a long time ago? The paper aims to investigate such phenomena as “polyandry” and “polygyny” and explore whether there is the only one right moral way of relationships or it still depends on cultural features. During the research, the authors have used the comparative-historical method, the methodology of philosophical hermeneutics, as well as the integrative anthropological approach.

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