Щодо питання публічно-правового забезпечення екологічної рівноваги

О. В. Гулак



National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The article says that the maintenance of ecological balance is a very important issue not only for each state – and society in general; not only the public conscious – but humanity in general.

Only the fact that important an issue around environmental issues is now incorporated important global public instruments, including significant financial investments indicate extreme urgency and importance of the issues rose. For other types of social relations are more dynamic and such that as a result of external exposures are significant and quick adjustment, while ill-advised and disrespectful attitude to the environment causes serious and often irreversible negative consequences for humanity as a whole.

The article is to study the problem and urgent issues in the context of ensuring the implementation of the ecological balance in the current development of Ukraine.

It should be noted that the issue of ecological balance, despite the fact relating to the environment depends primarily on the human factor, namely – the principles and policy adjustment vector in the study area. And since the problems is transboundary in nature, has no limits, and then the relevant principles and policies to develop optimal solutions should be a common, cross-border. So, perhaps, the issues of ecological balance, as no other, able to unite diverse communities, public institutions and the state of the different vectors of development and priorities.

The natural and therefore inalienable right of every human being has a right to clean air, water, use those gifts of nature that are not objects that are created or produced by the state or other entities. So, according to the basic philosophy of positive law doctrine that the state can and has the right to enjoy, protect and maintain such gifts. A rich at their expense – it rich at the expense of our future and our posterity. And when we and top state officials, authorized by its citizens – a native authorities clearly understand and realize you state policy to ensure the ecological balance will be taken at the strategic, not tactical level; embodied in mandatory, rather than declarative regulations; identify priority environmental public interest over any other, including economic.

Based on the definitions set forth in the Constitution of Ukraine, the main components of the maintenance of ecological balance, in our view, should include such as economic, legal, social and environmental.

In addition, it is extremely important to balance the application, which should ensure the effective implementation of the ecological balance primarily by authorized bodies and public administration which, in our deep conviction, is now substantially «skewed» in the way of economic benefits. Thus, legal means and that would balance all the other components to ensure ecological balance often appear trivial tools to ensure the legitimacy of abuse, to say the least, careless and reckless attitude to the environment.

So, without diminishing the economic component of sustainable development of any society, we want to emphasize that, as from the perspective of a scientific approach and practical feasibility of the future, the present system of public administration requires mandatory consideration of the need to comply with environmental safety of those to ensure the effectiveness of maintenance of ecological balance in terms of development and implementation of organizational and legal conditions for the development of any and all kinds of social relations that require appropriate regulation from the state.

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