Проблемні аспекти правового регулювання відбування покарання у виді довічного позбавлення свободи

М. А. Дейнега, О. О. Хайновський



                                 A. O. HAYNOVSKYY, student

                               Kyiv University of Law of NASU

M. A. DEINEGA, Candidate of Juridical Sciences,

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


In this article is examined the theoretical conditions of serve punishment in aspect of life imprison of prisoners in Ukraine such as alternative of death sentence; imperfect nature of legal regulation of the mentioned institute and the foreign experience of some states of Europe about the using for life imprison prisoners of progressive system of serve punishment.

On a positive Ukraine's aspirations for European integration and attempts to match the existing legislation. An important step closer to the goal was the introduction of a moratorium on the death penalty, which is certainly a manifestation of humanism. This means that the state of life is the highest social value, as enshrined in the Basic Law. However, the emergence of the law on criminal liability of a new form of punishment - life imprisonment has not found support among all segments of the population that gave rise to some dissatisfaction. Even to the present sustained discussions on the feasibility of a return to the death penalty, but it all comes down to nothing, because Europe will not support such a proposal, which will lead to large-scale conflict on the international scene.

From all the foregoing it follows that the question of punishment of life imprisonment is problematic in terms of theoretical justification and cause the interest of many scientists who have expressed different opinions about this, but based more on general principles of criminal law than the principles of criminal law due to the relative novelty of this type of punishment and fairly insignificant term study of this issue.

Today the institute life imprisonment requires thorough study and resolve conflicts that occur in the penal law. Comparing the possibility of early release from this type of punishment between Ukraine and Europe, it should be noted that our state legislators virtually impossible using this law convicts. Perhaps it would be appropriate to review the terms on the request for pardon to convicted and use PPO. However, without the appropriate changes to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine all this is a continuation of the appearance of controversy in scientific circles. In our view, the question of the optimal process performance, serving the sentence of life imprisonment thorough require further development.

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