Структурно-функціональна характеристика відновлювальних територій екологічної мережі України

Т. М. Кондратюк



T. M. KONDRATIUK, PhD student

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

According to the idea of national ecological network development it is provided to include in its structure along with especially valuable in ecological, scientific, historical and cultural, esthetical and other meanings of the territory, also the territory which economic use is dangerous from the ecological point of view or it is inefficient or economically inexpedient - recovery territories.

According to the Law of Ukraine "About ecological network of Ukraine" of June 24, 2004 (further - the Law) the recovery territories - provide forming of spatial integrity of echonetwork for which priority actions on reproduction of primary natural condition will be executed. The recovery territories as spatial elements of echonetwork are created for the purpose of its further development and enhancement of functioning. These zones are a potential allowance of the territories at the expense of which expansion of echonetwork in the future, especially the areas of the main and/or connecting territories is possible. These are the territories in which it is necessary and possible to recover a natural plant cover and perform repatriation of types of plants and animals. It is determined under certain conditions, the recovery territory after holding the relevant activities for renaturalization can be included in structure of the main and/or connecting territories or turn into them.

According to Item 4 of Art. 16 of the Law the list of the recovery territories of echonetwork includes the territories representing the broken lands, degraded and unproductive lands and lands which were affected by negative processes and spontaneous phenomena, other territories which are important from the point of view of forming of spatial integrity echonetwork.

The legislation on forming of ecological network connects the recovery territories with preservation and renaturalization of lands. In the Program of forming of ecological network "preservation of lands" it is used in such meaning - it is removal from economic circulation (agricultural or industrial) lands for a certain term for implementation of actions for recovery of fertility and ecologically satisfactory condition of soils and also for establishment or return (recovery) lost ecological equilibrium in the specific region.

In the bill of Ukraine about "Preservation of lands" authors determine renaturalization of lands as transformation degraded, unproductive and technogenically contaminated land in natural biogeocenoses.

It is obvious that preservation and renaturalization are legal forms of recovery of lands. However, process of preservation of lands is way to their renaturalization. But, not all broken lands degraded and unproductive lands join in the recovery territories of echonetwork.

Selection criteria of the recovery territories are: degree of naturalness of the territories; safety of habitats; possibility of carrying out renaturalization of actions; compliance of the main or connecting territories; benefit of ecological function over economic.

Because the legislation on ecological network didn't provide change of a legal regime of the territories in case of their inclusion in the recovery territories of ecological network, the lands of the corresponding category in case of their reference to these territories will be subject to the same legal regime which is determined concerning them in the Land code of Ukraine.

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