Теоретичне розуміння принципів права

К. А. Котух



K. A. KOTUH, PhD student

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The article states that any right is formed and functions on the base on certain principles that define its main characteristics and features. The formation of modern legal science in our country is forming under new conceptual approaches resulting from integration processes.

At present in Ukraine there are transformation processes that are reflected in almost all spheres of life, including jurisprudence. Since the law in general is a superstructure on the economic basis of the society, main trends and patterns of social development, are taking place reflected the principles that are not sustainable.

The article goal is to examine theoretical and doctrinal approaches to understanding and definition of "principles of law" in science.

 There are quite different approaches as to determine the nature and content of the principles of law and their legal nature in legal literature. Category "principle of law" as a subject of scientific investigation is and continues causes concern not only academics, but also representatives of legal brach. Since the problem of implementing the principles of law as an effective regulator of social relations is of particular relevance and practical importance at present.

 One of the most important elements of any legal system is the principles of law. The effectiveness of legal regulation depends on principles of law in the law standarts and legal activities. For a long time Ukrainian legal science, principles considered only as part of an ideological law, denying their direct regulatory effect on social relations, which ultimately affected the development of the national legal system.

The study of scientific approaches to the definition of "principles of law", shows that the concept of "principles of law" is one of the urgent problems of modern jurisprudence, which most clearly reflect the essence of law in all its diversity.

The issue of the principles of law have been researched by scholars in a lot of legal works. However the issue of realization principles of law has not studied yet. The above shows given that scientists do not have a single thought in the understanding of the essence of the principles of law and their influence on legislation. At present, the legal doctrine discusses provisions on combining ideas of natural and positive is wich very promising. The presence of researches testify the significant potential principles of law to regulate social relations.

We consident principles of law as basic ideas of positive law, determining the nature and direction of legal regulation, aimed at implementing the laws and their realization.

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