Суб’єкти адміністративної відповідальності за порушення прав інтелектуальної власності

А. Г. Майданевич



A. G. MAIDANEVYCH, PhD student

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


According to the code of administrative offences subject to administrative liability are sane individuals, who at the time of committing an administrative offense less than sixteen years of age. This so-called General subject of administrative offence. A special subject of administrative offence is the person who may be deemed subject to a specific administrative offense and, therefore, brought to administrative responsibility in the presence of her, in addition to the General signs of the subject, certain additional features. However, apart from these subjects at the legislative level establishes administrative liability of legal persons.

The purpose of this article is to reveal the characteristics of subjects of administrative responsibility for violation of intellectual property rights.
A variety of public relations management predetermines a considerable number of varieties of subjects that are participants of administrative legal relations in General and relations administrative responsibility in particular. In science of administrative law, distinguish the General and special subjects administrative offense. That is, the incumbent of the administrative code establishes administrative responsibility of individuals. However a number of laws actually established the liability of legal persons, which by its nature cannot be considered to be nothing more than an administrative responsibility. Not going to disclosure laws, which established the administrative liability of legal persons, it should be noted that the legislator establishing the administrative liability of legal persons, of the administrative code to date does not establish such liability, whereas the liability of legal persons under the criminal code of Ukraine.

Considering the above, in particular, that for violation of intellectual property rights norms of the economic legislation, criminal liability of legal entities, there is a need within the Institute of administrative responsibility to perform and such a category, as well as administrative sanctions, the regulation of which is carried out by the Economic code of Ukraine, the head 28 of which is entirely devoted to the General issues of administrative responsibility of legal persons can be called not only by the law, which officially recognized the administrative responsibility of legal entities, and the first codified act, which contains General provisions on such liability.

Penalties applicable to legal persons and are of an organizational nature are as follows: the forced reorganization of a legal entity; liquidation of the legal entity.
The issues associated with state registration of the legal entity termination in the result of liquidation was adopted on the basis of the decision on the termination of a legal entity is made by its participants or by the relevant body of the legal entity are regulated also by the norms of civil and economic legislation.

Conclusions. On the basis of the analysis of subjects of administrative liability for violations of intellectual property rights, found features of the institution of administrative liability of legal entities. Analysis of the current legislation gives grounds to assert that the legal basis for bringing legal entities to legal liability for violations of intellectual property rights are the norms of commercial and special legislation. Given that the legal entity for the violation of intellectual property rights can be applied administratively-economic sanctions and the measures of civil liability, we consider it sufficient to prosecute legal entities, and therefore, the recognition of the legal person subject to administrative liability is unfounded and premature.

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