Особливості правового регулювання рибного господарства в Україні

С. І. Марченко



S. I. Marchenko, PhD, assistant professor

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University


The relevance of the research of legal basis fisheries of Ukraine as one of the priority sectors of the national economy of Ukraine is caused by several legal, socio-economic and geopolitical factors. Fisheries of Ukraine plays an important role in ensuring food security of the state, where as effective growth of the fisheries and its components are fish farming (aquaculture) and fishing will contribute providing the population of Ukraine products of fish and other living aquatic resources, providing other industries with raw materials for the production of biologically active substances, medicinal preparations, food and technical products and solution to the problems of employment of the population.

The purpose of this article is to identify legal characteristics, peculiarities of legal regulation of fisheries in Ukraine.

The basis of fisheries are aquaculture and fishing, their legislative maintenance is carried out comprehensively.

Analysis of legislation and special literature reveal the following characteristics that are common to fish farming (aquaculture) and fisheries: a) the expeditionary nature of fishing operations and the seasonal nature of commodity fisheries; b) products offish farming and fishing belongs to agricultural products which predetermines its special legal regime; с) the specific object and subject composition; d) fish farming is regarded as a resource base for the fisheries, however, fisheries can be carried out for aquaculture purposes; e) created a special agency The State Agency of fisheries of Ukraine, which is the Central agency of Executive power. An important functions in the fisheries regulation are licensing, quotas, control in the field of fisheries management, etc.; is there special state support of fish farming (aquaculture) and fisheries.

To sum up the research, one can say that the fishing industry of Ukraine is strategic for the national economy. For the effective use of the potential of the fishing industry the specific features of the fish farming and fishing should be taken into account as separate types of agricultural business in the legal regulation of these relations.

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