Правовий режим курортів і лікувально-оздоровчих місцевостей

Ю. С. Петлюк




Y. S. PETLYUK, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Assistant Professor

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


In the article the problematic issue of the legal regime resorts and therapeutic areas as natural sites of particular importance.

It says that the operation of resorts based on the adopted 5 October 2000 the Law of Ukraine «On resorts», which defines legal, organizational, economic and social principles of resorts in Ukraine and aims to provide a use for the treatment and rehabilitation of people natural healing resources, natural areas resorts that are the heritage of the people of Ukraine and their protection. Resort, according to Art. 1 of this legal act is mastered natural health area on land that has a natural healing resource necessary for their operation and buildings with infrastructure, used for treatment, rehabilitation, prevention of diseases and for recreation and subject special protection.

It is noted that in the resort should understand legislatively defined area with clear boundaries, specialized in providing services for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases in accordance with the available resources, which are operated by specially trained personnel equipped according to the material and technical base; Earned natural areas located on land recreational purposes, which has natural healing resources and required for their operation and buildings with infrastructure used for the treatment, rehabilitation, disease prevention and recreation and subject to special protection.

The paper identified four features resort areas, they have one or more natural medicinal resources and represent one type of geographical landscapes; located in the coastal parts of the ponds that have beaches and adjacent territories, greenery, picturesque landscapes, natural sites and complexes with particularly favorable climatic conditions suitable for use with therapeutic, preventive and recreational purposes; have the necessary supplies of medical resources for potential use for a long time, and the resort allow them to place the necessary infrastructure; Infrastructure resorts must meet the sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations established for protected areas and spa treatment purposes.

The strategic goal of the state policy in the sphere of resorts, as described in     p. 1 Concept of development of sanatorium-resort industry, is to create conditions for the improvement of health, life extension and longevity of the active population, introduction of healthy lifestyles by creating and developing effective, profitable and competitive in the world market resort. To achieve this goal it is necessary to solve several problems caused by the lack of sophisticated economic mechanism of its work; failure to provide integrated development of resort areas; depreciation of fixed assets; practical lack of investment; inefficient marketing; low level of management; improper maintenance of spa facilities and more.

The article stated that the main barriers to the development of spa complex due to the imperfection of the legal framework; unbalanced social and economic efficiency of the use of recreational resources and the need to preserve them; failure to provide integrated development of resort areas; subordination of specialized institutions that provide health services to different ministries, departments, enterprises; the vast majority of nonconformity sanitary facilities with international standards; insufficient quality of service units in food spa facilities more.

The paper defines availability Ukraine in the great potential of natural medicinal resources and factors not guarantee effective development and operation of the resort complex. The main reasons for these negative trends is primarily loopholes in legislation, the lack of an integrated system of management that is based on the principles of certainty and clear lines of authority and structural elements discrepancy vast majority of resort and recreational facilities to international standards and so on.

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