Правове забезпечення державної підтримки виробників органічної сільськогосподарської продукції в Україні

Я. О. Самсонова



Y. O. SAMSONOVA, Candidate of Juridical Sciences

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University


Ukraine has a great potential for the production of organic agricultural products, unlike most countries where climatic conditions are not conducive to its production, making the products is very expensive and inaccessible for most people. The development of organic agricultural production provides the opportunity to ensure the stability of the agricultural sector through sustainable use of natural resources, corrections close to the critical environmental situation of the country and occupying competitive position in the international market of such products.

It is universally recognized throughout the civilized world that the agricultural sector is a system that is unable to self-regulation. Organic production, accompanied by a very high degree of risk and in most cases is the most costly than traditional production, unable to develop, especially in infancy, without targeted state support for producers, which currently requires a change of priorities in terms of world globalization. It should be noted that Ukraine occupies 16th place among 160 countries for organic products, with nearly 368.9 hectares of organic land, but the products are mainly intended for export as raw material.

Therefore, the priority of policy should be the development not only the production of organic products that are in demand in the international market as raw materials, but also ensurence equal opportunities for all entities organic direction, regardless of the type and volume of production. At present there is no specific legal provision of state budget support of organic agricultural products and the general law on state support of agriculture does not encourage producers to manufacture such a direction that emphasizes the importance of research in this area.

The purpose of the article. The analysis of legal provision of state support for organic production in Ukraine, the identification of implementation mechanisms’ weaknesses of its implementation and making some recommendations to improve legislation in this area in terms of global integration processes.

Analysis of national regulations in the area of state support in the agricultural sector gives grounds to assert that the absence of such support separately for organic producers, except of manufacturers of clean milk. Therefore, taking into attention the target according to the Ukrainian Strategy of the State Environmental Policy for the period 2020 to create the conditions for a broad introduction of environmentally oriented and organic technologies of agriculture and the achievement of doubling the area of their use in 2020 to baseline, there should be special rules priorities for providing state support to producers of organic products, as entities that meet the regulatory criteria and principles of providing such support, based on WTO requirements and applicable EU legislation.

But in order to don’t let the standards have a conceptual character, a necessary part of the process should be the development and adoption of appropriate regulations specifying the detailed mechanisms for implementing standards, deadlines and responsible persons. Also, based on the above, it should be at the legislative level, in particular in Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine «On the production and circulation of organic agricultural products and raw materials» to consolidate the principles of organic production and protection the priority direction of agriculture.

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