Classification of legal liability: theoretical aspects

І.І. Шемелинець




Shemelynets I.


Annotation.The scientific article is devoted to the problem of classification of legal liability and the development of criteria by which can be carried out such classification.

The article analyzes the current state of regulatory consolidation of specific types of legal liability, highlighted disadvantages of such consolidation and emphasized the absence of a single well-defined circumstances that provoke the emergence of its new species.

The necessity of developing common definitions and theoretical constructs that have made it possible to fully clarify the legal nature of each type of legal liability. In this context, it is advisable to speak about the adoption of a separate regulation to unify the concept and system of legal liability.

Substantiated the thesis that the basis for the classification of legal liability should be assigned the design theory of state coercion, absence or presence of which mean the kind of legal liability.

Based on the analysis developed proposals to improve the regulatory consolidation system of legal liability.

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