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B. Kovalenko

Abstract. The paper entitled "The system of sources of environmental law and standards as its component” deals with study of the environmental standards as part of the system of sources of environmental law in Ukraine. The author is B. Kovalenko. The article describes several definitions of systems of sources of law and sources of ecological law. Features of systems of sources of law and sources of ecological law have been researched. Author explores as the main sources of environmental law such components: domestic regulations, international treaties and environmental standards.  Special attention is paid to consideration of features of environmental standards as part of system of sources of ecological law. Such features of sources of ecological law as international legal orientation, binding implementation, normativity have been researched. The legal system is considered by the author in terms of natural law understanding. The essential point of the article is researched the influence of environmental standards on the Ukrainian legislation. Although environmental standards do not make changes to certain laws of Ukraine, but the continuous improvement of national standards and implement European Union sets the direction for the formation of general environmental legislation of Ukraine.

Keywords: sources of law, legal system, the system of sources of environmental law, standards, environmental standards.

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