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Piliai А.М., PhD student

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine


The article examines the theoretical side of Administrative Law of the Soviet Union in terms of his contemporaries in terms of the role of administrative law in the system of relations between the state and the citizen.

Science Soviet administrative law developed as the establishment of public administration in the Soviet Union and the establishment of administrative law as a legal industry. Despite crucial that gave the Marxist-Leninist doctrine administration in a socialist society, science administrative law developed quite controversial.

At the initial stage of the Soviet state administrative science institutes were still not very active and methodical attack on scientists which helped lay the foundations of administrative law administrative scientists former Empire and as a result of the creation of the first Soviet administrative code 1927. However, as soon as Thus, at the end of the 30s of the twentieth century, a situation in which administrative law as a whole and all other areas of law could move only in the direction of creating a system built on the principles of "class struggle" and actually create a system rigid centralization of power at all levels.

With regard to legislative activity, it should be noted that the adoption of the Constitution of the USSR in 1936 led to a clearer separation of subject Administrative Law based on the formation of executive and administrative bodies as independent governance structures. War and postwar period led to further opportunities fetish controls in political and economic governance.

Even in the postwar years in the Soviet legal literature formed different views on the scope of public administration. Yes, there are two main points of view. Some scientists identified it with the system of government and regarded as the executive and administrative activities only those bodies. Others have argued that executive and administrative activities make all public authorities, but to varying degrees and varying quality.

Based on the above analysis of the categories of public relations should pay attention to how little space they occupied an ordinary citizen, despite the fact that it really is and keeps the whole state apparatus and the official goal of the Soviet Union as a state built to unite all citizens in uniform socialist family.

As a result of the opposition of the people of the Soviet Union administrative bureaucracy at the time of independent Ukraine in our country did not exist, even the idea of cooperation on equal terms between the state and its citizens, which led to no significant changes in the structure of the relationship between man and the state for the first twenty years of independent Ukraine. We are still feeling the remnants of Soviet-style administration, in which the state exists primarily for themselves.

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