Децентралізовані системи генерації теплової та електричної енергії в біоресурсних технологіях

В. С. ФЕДОРЕЙКО, І. С. Іскерський




V. S. Fedoreyko, I. S. Iskersky


The energy sector in Ukraine is another area of price turbulence caused by years of neglect the experience of advanced countries, including post-communist neighbors.

It is well known that world energy consumption requires not only the creation of new generating structures, but above all, rational use of available capacity. Only energy audit paired with administrative measures can reduce gross energy consumption by 20-30%.

Available today factual developments indicate that global power is a crucial period of its existence. Since 2020, thanks to visionary policies of governments of developed countries to begin development of renewable energy objective with simultaneous stagnation of the traditional, primarily hydrocarbon energy sources.

Today in Ukraine there are about 30,000 landfills, representing 7% of the territory. During the last period has accumulated 54 million. M3 of waste. Annually collects 15-17 mln. Tons, causing numerous disasters.

At the same time, the experience of European countries such as Sweden, Croatia, Hungary shows that these formation can be substantial supplement to the energy balance of the country.

The purpose of the study - disclosure tracks diversify sources of thermal and electrical energy generation systems with Using bazeilles on vozobnovlyaemыh sources.

Results of research and rationales - polucheno predposыlky for creation vыsokoэffektyvnoy generation system thermal and electrical energy.

Studies conducted by us in the direction of creation of thermal energy generation, we pozvoljajut Suggest a project for the development osnovanny byoteploheneratoryv, power up to 4.0 MW and pyrolysis heat exchanger-generators, with output power of 0.5 MW.

Using prejudiced before factology the dynamics of renewable energy in developed our system provides the use of two fuels - biological resources (chips, wood, sawdust, etc.) for bioteplogenerator of ram continuous combustion and waste, including heavily liquid (tires, household plastic and medical waste).

Given the specifics of thermal power generators in the proposed system has two pyrolysis heat generators with capacity of 0.5 MW, which allows you to receive a cheap basic thermal energy for steam generator CHP electrical capacity of 500 kW, operating in the compensation mode.

Thus, the object management has the ability to get cheap heat and electricity in the technology required volume. If necessary decentralized system can run in parallel with the mains.

This system is designed for the needs of elevator storage capacity of 60 thousand. Tons and drying equipment based SSE-50 dryers and Sukup.


1. The proposed decentralized system is a new generation of heat and electricity with an installed electric capacity of 500 kW at the bioteplogenerator and generators of waste for diversification of sources of supply.

2. The developed experimental complex allows to reduce the cost of generation of heat and electricity, respectively, 5-7 and 2-3, with minimal load on the environment.

3. Application development will largely simultaneously solve the economic, energy, environmental and social problems in Ukraine through decentralization of energy generation, using cheap local renewable energy source, waste household, medical and industrial origin.

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